Our Story

Olive & Mango Candle Company was inspired and created unexpectedly in late 2020. It began when my favourite Balsam Christmas candle was discontinued, and I decided I would try to refill the empty vessels I had kept from the year before. I ordered a beginner's kit from Amazon that came with a melting pot, wicks and wax, and found some balsam and pine essential oils. My first few attempts were absolutely terrible. I had no idea how to make them, and because I have no patience I was putting them in the fridge to cool as fast as possible. They had massive sinkholes, hardly any scent throw at all, and looked ridiculous. That made me curious and interested in the science of candle-making, and so began my journey down the Chandler Universe rabbit hole.


At the Olive and Mango Candle Company, each candle is hand-poured in small batches with care and love. We've tested extensively to optimize scent throws, burn time and performance. We offer a wide range of vessel sizes and shapes, and offer customizable choices for every candle to make sure there's something for everyone. Our goal is to keep amazing candles affordable, and as we grow our business and buy supplies in larger quantities we hope to be able to reduce our prices accordingly. As a new business (established 2021), we're always looking for ways to improve, so please reach out to us with any suggestions, comments, or concerns you might have. We hope your hand-crafted candle helps turn your house into a cozy home that smells amazing!


Olive (Our Namesake and Inspiration)