About Our Candles

Olive & Mango candles are made from a unique signature blend of soy, beeswax and creamy coconut wax. When we first started out our candles were made from 100% soy wax, but testing and research revealed that blending in other variants greatly improved the performance and quality of the final product. Now that we've perfected our recipe, the burn times are longer, scent throws are stronger, and our candles have beautiful creamy tops. Our waxes are non-toxic, biodegradable, paraben free, phthalate free and come from renewable sources. And of course none of our materials are ever tested on animals (except for when I ask Olive for her thoughts on a new scent or candle). 

Because our wax blend is all-natural and contains beeswax, it is normal for the candles to occasionally crack after cooling. This happens when beeswax cools too quickly. It will not affect the performance of your candle whatsoever - it's just a side effect of using materials that are 100% natural. Be sure to read our Candle Care Tips & Tricks below, and if you ever have any questions or concerns about the way your candle is burning, please let us know. 

Candle Care